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No Mercy – Tales From The Darkside


So we got a chance to sit down with cat named No Mercy, upon visiting his myspace, we walked away with a ton of questions to ask.  Why so dark?  Why so morbid?  Why so different?  Overall, he put me in the mind of UK’s Massive Attack mixed with Da Gravediggaz, Flatlinerz, Esham.

“I don’t rap, I vent.”  No Mercy, explains where his sound comes from, “I write about stress…I don’t sell drugs, I got bills, when you’re a real average person, you got stress, I vent.  I get mad at somebody–and I feel like I wanna kill you, I don’t say it, I’ll put it on a record.” That’s exactly what he does.   Not only does he channel that energy through harsh abrasive lyrics, he also channels it through his production.

No Mercy produces all of his own material.  Using mostly computer based production tools, he’s also not afraid to push the envelope with live instrumentation.  Production wise he’s working on projects with his R&B artist Nightingale as well as his hip hop group Corner Boys.

With his first album, Possessed already available for download on Itunes, he’s prepping his sophomore release entitled MDK [Murder, Death, Kill] slated for an early 2009 release.  The lead single off of the project is “Let’s Get it Crackin” featuring Brooklyn MC Red Cafe.   Check the download, and we will most definitely keep you posted on No Mercy.

No Mercy ft. Red Cafe – Let’s Get it Crackin [prod. No Mercy]