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Sic Osyrus: Everyday’s A Battle

“Don’t like me? Well, you ain’t the only one buddy, I ain’t tryin to make friends with nothing but money.  Cool with Grant, tight  with Benjamin-root of all evil, damn right ima spend it then…”–Pop Off Freestyle

Artist: Sic Osyrus [pronounced “Sike O-Syrus”]
Location: West Philly/Middleton, Pennsylvania
Styles: Realism, Battle Raps, Aggressive, Combative, Comical, Witty, Insightful, The Streets, The Trap
Albums/Mixtapes On Deck: Sic-O-Nomics Vol. 2.5 Mixtape hosted by DJ Bedtyme, Straight Money (album) release date TBA.

Sic Osyrus  – Pop Off Freestyle

So TheOvun got a chance to sit down and pick Sic Osyrus’ brain for awhile, it proved to be an enlightening experience.  Nowadays, too often, we see rappers and emcees with some kind of gimmick.    And not the cookie-cutter gimmicks you can imagine like backwards pants or a dance but on an underground level, you got MCs proclaiming, “I’m here to bring real Hip Hop Back”, or,  “I’m the underrated underdog”.  It get’s a little redundant.  In steps in a dude like Sic Osyrus, who you really can’t compare with anyone, because–he’s just being himself.  And what is he trying to bring to the game?  Being himself;  it’s so crazy the shit just may work!

I ain’t trying to be nobody–and I catch a lot of flack for who I am….I just keep doing me and you either love me or hate me.  Ain’t no in between.  Cause I’ma get in there, and I’m gonna get in your soul and you either goin to hate me or you gonna love me; it’s one or the other.”  Seems like it’s been working in his favor.  Since he got back from a vacation [wink] up North, he’s been going hardbody, with over 60 mixtape features in the past 11 months.  It’s not such a daunting task considering Osyrus doesn’t sleep much.  Armed with his arsenal of a pen, paper, a tape recorder and the glow of television screen, he writes the truth.  Looking back, it doesn’t seem so surprising that KRS-One’s Love’s Gonna Getcha and Redman’s Whut? Thee Album had a direct influence on him growing up.

Sic Osyrus – That’s My Style [prod. Oz]

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