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3rd Video from Mike Schpitz aka LoveJones debut Album: New World

Download: LoveJones  [ Mike Schpitz] – New World [prod. Phys Edison]

You don’t understand how much we dig this video right here….Don’t know why but the old archival footage reminds of Reggaeton Latino [don’t fron that video was dope]. Somehow the clips go exactly with the track. LoveJones and Phys Edison give you a slightly darker feel on this track and video totally works with it. With the help of The League’s own Tori Boyd it all ties together with the imagery, the production and the lyrics.

ATTN all indie artists, this is how you do it. Concept and follow through.
If you haven’t downloaded this album yet you can pick it up right HERE or soon to be in the side bar, It’s  staple for the summer rotation.