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Wordspit — HIT EM WIT

Wordspit performing Joystick Madness at Platform in EL Bronxt, if ya’ll get a chance check that store out it’s on Grand Concourse and the hipsters have drained Soho–they had an ill Crooks and Castles fitted I was eyeing….

Wordspit – Joystick Madness @ Platform in el Bronx

joystickmadness from wordspit the illest on Vimeo.

The “Show and Tell” event was so very ill. As usual Wordspit did his thing. He’s really coming from a whole ‘nother angle, we’re anxious to hear what The Coolest BBoi Stance is goin to sound like, so far he’s jumped from Premo inspired track produced by PhD and very emotional schizo track sampled from System of A Down, [what ya’ll know about that!!?? Toxicity, ’01 10th grade what!? I remember when it was uncool to listen to rock and you had to hide that shit…]

Also check out a link to his most recent interview with The Koalition, its a pretty good interview considering NO ONE has heard the TAPE yet!!! But they do breakdown how the concept of “Joystick Madness” came about.