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DJ Furious Styles and DJ Dub Present: The New DC ft. Luegar

It’s kinda weird that it took up in till recent years for DC emcees to get their shine. For twenty odd years, BET was based in DC and you had shows like Rap City [remember when it was like 3 hours long lol] being taped in their studios. It’s really weird right? You would think they’d be the first to get that national shine aside from NYC and LA. Sure, DC is known for Go- Go, but Chicago is known for Stepping–just the same they still have an ill Hip Hop Scene with major national props. So what gives?

Luegar – Uptown [prod. Best Kept Secret]

I don’t think we’ll ever know, but it looks like that’s fittin’ to change. It’s no secret that we’re Wale fans over here, but I was put on to Tabi Bonney first when I seen his video on VH1 Soul [ha]. And Even before them, you gotta give ultimate props to the Team Uncut, I think they might’ve been the first, correct me if wrong [ha] and Femcee Nonchalant, probably had the biggest name [where she at?].  But anyways, DC is gonna be that city to watch you got South East Slim doin it up and now Luegar.

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