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Unless your deaf, you probably heard that the King of Pop passed away and you’re probably glad the past few dismal weeks are coming to an end, as we are here at The Ovun.  But, before everyone tries to press on, we want to pay our respects to the greatest entertainer of all time.  Michael was an OG in all aspects of pop culture, not only his music had grown people passing out, but his wardrobe had fans all around the world wearing sequined gloves and bedazzled jackets.

Point in case with those bad ass L.A. Gears featured above this well written post.  Michael, in conjunction with L.A. Gear, released a few different pairs of sneakers throughout the early 80s, with the ones pictured being the most sought after.  What I’m trying to say is that before Hov and Kanye released their own kicks, there was Michael.  Before Lil Wayne was doing Gatorade commercials, Michael was burning his shit up on the set of a Pepsi commercial.  Before hip hop got invited to Glastonbury, Michael had people rocking in Budapest.  I can go on for days about Michael, in which my editor and I will be forced to slap box to the death, so I will wrap this up in saying we will all miss Michael, he influenced the world in so many ways, big ups and if you are looking to cop some MJ L.A. Gears you can find them here on ebay, but they are going to cost you.

Sidenote: Does anyone know what’s going on with his album?  Wasn’t he working on one?  Is it going to drop on some 2pac shit?

Editor’s Note: And for all you classy folk, cop a pair the same brand of  Penny Loafers that MJ lived in; The Bass Weejuns