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Recession Theme Muzik–“I’m Broke and Proud”

Rugged N Raw ft. Hasan Salaam* – “I’m Broke and Proud” [prod. DJ static]
“I don’t even buy Tropicana…Tropical Fantasy’ fine for me!”

So the Holidays are coming up, and it’s safe to say I will be giving warm holiday cheer, and well wishes as gifts to my loved ones. It’s a recession bitches, and it seems like no one’s winning. I’m broke, can’t say that I’m proud, but this track makes me feel better. It’s by the one an only Rugged N Raw and if you don’t know the name, you have to know the face, or atleast the suspenders. This cat’s won tons of rhyme contests as well as beat contests . I copped Another Level way back in Summer 07 from a show,[I broke my rule and lent it to a friend–they lost it, copped the digital again last May]– but I ain’t even know this dude had another album!

“I’m Broke and Proud” is off of his latest release Truth Serum. On this particular track, DJ Static [who is ill with the samples], flipped it and gave the track a dancehall influenced beat. RNR keeps his humor with lines about washing your clothes in the sink [ya’ll lyin’ if you say you never done it], and taking vacation cruises on the Staten Island Ferry [damn you broke!]. Hasan Salaam features with an equally witty verse: “Five dollars in the gas tank, tryin to coast…” No need to go on about how awesome the album is. It’s great Hp Hop, point blank, don’t say I never tried to help you.

* Hasan Salaam’s latest album Children of God also out now–more on that later