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Yeah we get it, you wear glasses, cool.

Shawn Chrystopher – Inglewood Hero
This vid is pretty ill, someone said, “Fuck it, I’m gonna go ape shit with these filters in Final Cut Pro and I dare ya nuccas to say sumpthin!!!”

Download: Shawn Chrystopher – Inglewood Hero

You ever get that feeling when these internet streets try to shove someone down your throat? Like, all of a sudden you go to 8 sites and they be like, “you need to check out this dude”, or “this dude is ill” like out of nowhere? That’s how I felt about this cat right here. This tape came out in October, but resisted til Dec to listen. I’m a true Underground head and any head will tell you–we find all of our artists by association. Whether it’s jumping on tracks, being label mates, opening up for cats you already know.

In recent years, [like 07-08 lol], it just seems like anybody can pop up from nowhere and get a cosign. We hope we’ve been doing a good job and in weeding out the phonies…which brings me to my conclusion about Mr. Shawn Chrystopher and his I.W.G. [I Wear Glasses] Mixtape …..
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