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Never Rollin’ Dolo


10Deep by now should not need much of an introduction, especially for the avid OVUN readers,  since their brand has extended all over this great planet, taking us into the next realm of streetwear.  And I say this because they are not just your everyday uninventive streetwear brand, 10Deep continues to open new avenues for their own company with different textiles, exceptional quality in their garments, socially conscience graphics, as well as toys, mixtapes and pretty much anything they can put “10Deep” on.

But to show that 10Deep has not forgotten where their roots lie, the Brooklyn based brand has released their spring collection known as “Nineteen Ninety-Now!”  Paying homage to the days of yester year, all the while looking to the future.  10Deep introduced a clever blend of colors, high quality cut and sew designs and even some artistic graphics atop the casual tee-shirt.  The highlights of the collection are:  The denim designs, with different fits for everyone at affordable prices.  The button ups, continually every season maintain a first-class quality that can be worn roaming the streets or on a date with the wife.  The jackets with superb cuts and even a few windbreakers if you get caught in the always changing northeast spring weather.

The “Nineteen Ninety-Now!” collection makes it clear why the spring season is one of the best seasons for fashion, but I am looking forward to how 10Deep plans to reinvent themselves for the upcoming summer.

This collection is currently available at 10Deep retailers and the lookbooks can be seen here.