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To Top It Off


Still Life NYC

Historians have found it hard to pinpoint the origins of headwear, yet many believe it was the first article of clothing worn by primitive man.  Sounds a bit outlandish, yes, but ponder that implication for a moment.  Seriously, DO IT!  Hats weren’t conceived to coordinate an outfit, they were more than likely stumbled across by early man to protect themselves from the elements of the world, i.e. rain, sunlight and the occasional falling pterodactyl poop.  Having said that, headwear evolved over the course of time, to be worn by religious, nobility as well as military figures to publicize their social status.  But most notably headwear expanded to the realm of fashion.

Jump ahead a few centuries and the generation of urban, streetwear, hip hop fashion is introduced to the masses.  In our fashion community, hats have played an integral role in our appearance.  From the days of snap back raiders to closets full of New Era fitteds.  Okay, I guess this history lesson has gone a little too far, but it was done to prove a good point, I hope.  The point being that with the rich history of headwear our community has decided to focus on a very small assortment of styles.  I myself have fallen into this close-minded thinking:  owning nearly ten different hats all being the same New Era design.

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