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Summertime in the City….

Summertime is almost in full effect here in this great city that never sleeps, and what does that mean? We all retreat from our stuffy post WWII [stop fronting] apartments and go out enjoy what little bit of scenery we got. A New York summer means: scheming on broads, playing dominoes outside of the barbershop, taking walks for the utter sake of taking a walk, being posted up on the block w/o the purpose of pharmaceutical sales– where pretty much everywhere in the city is the perfect spot for people watching, and some of the finest freestyle battling you’ve ever heard..the best place to do this?–THE PARK.

Download: Def Clone Cipher_5.22.09 – Mickey Factz, Wordspit, AJ, Hi-Jynx, Super King Armor, Alvietron, Kalae All Day and Stovaman

Mickey Factz
Super King Armor[Peace to Tekken]
Kalae All Day (on vocals, not tagged)
Stovaman (the organizer of the Def Clones Bug Out Sessions)

Union Square, ain’t what it used to be, I need to see a Fort Green, Washington Square or Marcus Garvey Situation–I’m just sayin.
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