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The Boy Illinois

The Boy Illinois– One love [prod. Big Marcus]

Download: The Boy Illinois – One Love

In this day in age, a video can make or break your career.  “Video MADE the radio star” is a phrase that describes the times we live in today.  Countless music videos are released each day from major labels, indies and unsigned alike. As fans and consumers, it’s hard to filter through all of that content to good music.  Over here at TheOvun, I guess we’re an exception to that rule.  I’ll watch a  video but I listen to the track a little more closely, especially when i don’t know the artist.

The Boy Illinois – Come and Get It [prod. Big Marcus]

I came across this video couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been listening to The Boy Illinois’ mixtape, Inhale Pt. 1: State Representative ever since.  I swear , everybody been complaining about the state of the game, and that they can’t find nothing to listen to—-This tape is perfect; beginning to end. And might I add it plays more like an album than a tape.  I’m goin to leave the bios and introductions for later.  Right now check it out, and don’t say I never warned ya’ll.  Dude got talent, watch out for him.

Download:  The Boy Illinois – Inhale Pt. 1: State Representative Mixtape