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Change Clothes

January 20th will mark a new day in American history, a day of change and progression, among others.  So why not celebrate this day with a limited edition tee shirt?  During any other presidential campaign this may be a little tacky, but over the past year or so the young demographic that has been pro-“change” displayed their support not only with protest and debate but with creative and insightful graphic tees.


Inauguration day will not be any different with two brands designing shirts for this special day.  The first coming from comical tee shirt brand, UNDRCRWN, with Obama sitting atop a chair similar to that from Lincoln’s Memorial in Washington, D.C. and in a similar pose to that of George “The Ice Man” Gervin from an original Nike Ad.  The back of the tee will feature the Gettysburg Address, which if you don’t know, was a speech given by President Abraham Lincoln, in which he spoke about all men being created equal.


The second tee that is being released for Inauguration day is one by The Clipse’s newly formed brand, Play Cloths.  This tee is a little more subtle featuring the Play Cloths logo with a stars and strips outfit with the phrase “The Good New Days” below it.

Both tees are available now@  UNDRCRWN and @  Play Cloths