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A Beacon of Hope……The FAT BOYS are BACK!

In these crazy times, with the stock market pimp slapped and layin on its back, political uncertainty, and a war still going on, one may find themselves lost and without hope. But never fear I believe the tipping point has arrived.  All things are going up from here on out.  Why?


Yes ladies and gentleman, the former trio [RIP Buffy], now duo of Prince Markie Dee and Kool Rock Ski are back! According to a recent press release, they’re prepping a new album, a tour and Reality Show [I’m thinkin something like Salt n Pepa but less boring?]  Nowadays Prince Markie Dee is a radio personality in Miami:

The legendary hip-hop pioneers Fat Boys have reunited and signed on for a comeback album, reunion tour and Reality TV Series.

“I’m weighing in at 185 these days, people are encouraged and motivated to see a slim and trim Fat Boy!” Kool Rock-ski said by phone from Long Island, New York.

“I just think it’s time, you know, for us to get back in the groove of things” said Markie Dee on his Miami based radio show.

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