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Remind Me In 3 Days…Out Today

It’s album release Tuesday and to kick off things, we have a great album from The Knux, Remind Me In 3 Days. As stated in an earlier post; you really can’t put these guys into a box. The album is a schizophrenic journey through Hip Hop, Rock, Soul and Dance.

Sometimes, I prefer my albums to be schizophrenic. Not one song on the album sounds like the other. No, don’t get it twisted. These dudes beast on every track, sometimes they rhymes slow, sometimes they rhyme quick [ha] They glide very easily over soulful mid tempos like Fire! [Put It In The Air] or steady hand clap and guitar riffs on Roxxane or Hush.

The Knux- Parking Lot

One continuous sound on the album would have to be spacey synths that can be found layered on almost every track, exquisitely on new age blues record Shine Again, the gritty Train, and Wake The Fuck Up. Plus you got just outright rock tracks like Playboys and Lights, Camera, Action. The album was self produced by the Knux, sorry no guest DJs here. And it boasts little features except a few studio singers [was that mean?].

Bottom Line, if you makes you feel better, think of them as a rock band, with hip hop influences, that way you can get over it and enjoy good music.

New Video and track after Jump—-

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