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Q-Tip – The Renaissance

Q Tip – Move [prod. J Dilla (RIP)]

Download: Q Tip – Move

So apparently I’m just slow.  Last time I checked, in the 7th grade when we was learning history with Mr. Conway and we were taking them bitch ass 50 question, multiple choice tests, the gimme question was definitely, “What Does Renaissance Mean?” and the answers were, A. War, B. Peace, C. Plague and D. Rebirth. Answer to the question, D. Rebirth, for 2 points!

With that being said, Q-Tip’s new album Renaissance, ain’t got shit to do with Rebirth at all.  There’s no “new” sound on some Electric Circus ish.  Matter of fact, It’s the same ole Q-Tip.  Now cool your jets.  I didn’t say this was a bad thing, when it comes the album it’s a good thing. Effin Great.  It’s that Q-Tip/Tribe Sound ya’ll been feenin’ for since forever [1999 to be exact since ya’ll slept on Shaheedullah and Stereotypes in 04′]. Now if you want to take it on an artistic level, the album is a masterpiece.

Q-Tip – Johnny Is Dead

Produced entirely by Q-Tip [except for J Dilla’s Move], there proves an even keel throughout the album, not straying away from smooth mellow beats. The album features guest appearances by talented artists: Norah Jones, Raphael Saadiq and D’Angelo [Where The Fuck is he at!?]The more organic Tribe sound can be found on tracks like “Believe”, “We Fight”, and “Life Is Better”. and the 08′ renditions on “Shaka”, “Official”, and “Won’t Trade”. All i can say is just like his last official release Amplified,  [much respeck to Kamaal the Abstract], he’s come up with another  solid, masterful album.

Gettin’ Up Video and Track After Jump====>

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