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The Streets – Everything Is Borrowed

The Streets- The Escapist
*The was shot while dude actually decided to take a walk from England to France on some Forest Gump ish…

Mike Spinner aka The Streets has bended and twisted almost every musical genre over the course of his 4 albums and his latest is no different.

The Streets – The Escapist

Everything Is Borrowed was released in the UK September 15 and the physical version was released in the US just last week. I’m coming to you late with this entry, but for a good good reason; I’ve been bumping this record nonstop and now it’s in me. I’ll admit, I listen to production 1st, and lyrics 2nd [Hey I’m a child of Jazz Lovers], but this album is a masterful work with beautiful layers of live instrumentation [courtesy of The Streets and a host of others] mixed with insightful, thought provoking lyrics. So when you get down to it, what does the album sound like? Well, the only way I can explain it, is if Alanis Morrisette, Nina Simone and Cold Play had an orgy, and their love children got together with Janis Ian, Earth Wind and Fire, and Slick Rick then you’d have this album.

The Streets – Everything Is Borrowed [title track audio]
Makes you wanna knod ya head

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