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The Truth Behind Trilly and Truly

Over here at The Ovun we’ve been trying to keep our readers updated on Lupe Fiasco’s highly anticipated clothing line, Trilly & Truly. However it has been everything short of easy to inform YOU people of a brand that has barely released anything, let alone a season or collection. We’ve all been patiently waiting for this line to take center stage and issue season after season of hardness, which Lupe is fully capable of doing; the wait however, is looking to shorten up a bit. Lupe recently linked up with Complex Magazine for a brief yet, informative interview where he touches on the concept of Trilly & Truly, the launch of the brand’s webstore and what he expects in the future. The webstore allows people from all over the world to finally get their hands on a selection of twenty previously released dead stock tees, that otherwise were impossible to find, being that T&T was only sold in a few stores in Japan and Chi-Town.

Initially I was excited about the webstore launch, but that reaction was quickly consumed by a feeling of misunderstanding. As the scrolling through the webstore stopped at the final $50.00 graphic tee, I was left wanting MORE for LE$$. If this brand is the brain child of Lupe Fiasco, I expect it to exceed my expectations, and it hasn’t. The graphics were short of artistic, featuring either a Trilly & Truly script or the lightning bolt and bones logo, making the price tag of $50.00 a bit excessive. I can’t speak on the quality of the shirts in question because I have YET to have see a T&T shirt in person, but I am hoping the quality is better than the wholesale shirts no name brands use for their screen printing.
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