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“It’s my turn to shine, I sparkle like a razor”, Boxcutters (Product of the 80’s)

I had thought I fell out the loop cause I coulda sworn Prodigy was up North for at least another 2 years on his third strike.  I was right.  Product of the 80’s, although it is being released now on Dirt Class Records, was recorded in conjunction with his release earlier this year HNIC Pt. 2.

Prodigy – Cold World

I didn’t know what to expect from Product of the 80’s being that HNIC Pt 2 was effin incredible. I figured it would pretty much be leftover tracks, I was wrong.  Produced primarily by production duo Sid Roams, Product of the 80’s is a continuation of HNIC Pt.2, with it’s somber, “futuristic hymn” sound.  I thought it was going to be a tribute to the 80’s sound but it more or less played out like story of how the 80’s affects us today. Product of the 80’s Filled with audio samples of 80’s PSA’s about “Just Saying No” to drugs and graffiti and the infamous NYC nightly news opener, “It’s 10:00, do you know where your children are?“.  It adds a level of surreality when the events of the 80’s are very much real, even on the opening track, when you hear that crack pipe being lit.  It is another great release from Prodigy this year, even while he is locked up North, like HNIC Pt. 2, Big Twins and Un Pacino, fill in any of the gaps to create a solid album.

Prodigy- Sex, Drugs and Murder [ft. Big Twin and Un Pacino]

Highlights: Boxcutters, Cold World, Test Tube Babies, Sex Drugs and Murder, Catch Body Music, Anytime

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