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The Black Delegation Selects…..


Mos Def and Philly brand UNDRCRWN have been linking up for a little while now.  The duo released a limited edition tee shirt for Mos Def’s performance at Carnegie Hall last summer.  Now fast forward about 8 months and the brand and musician are sitting pretty.  UNDRCRWN has become a major player in the street fashion with witty designs, referencing legendary sport figures and big homie Mos Def is looking to drop his HIGHLY anticipated album within the coming months.  But I guess selling tee shirts at every major online shop and having even your baby momma blog about your upcoming album isn’t enough.

The two decided to hit the spring season hard, bouncing back (you like that huh) with Mos Def’s own collection with UNDRCRWN, currently featuring tee shirts, but with jackets and sweatshirts to drop soon.  The collection contains graphic tees and focuses entirely around the pan-African flag colors.  You can peep and purchase the collection at UNDRCRWN’s online shop.