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Whatever Happened to…..Bathgate

It was the year 2000…the turn of the millennium and a changing time in Hip Hop, Outkast released Stankonia which brought them the mainstream spotlight, DMX was at the top of his game, Big Pun died of a heart attack, Eminem had released the Marshal Mathers LP, Jay-Z and Dame were together and the Roc was as strong as ever. It was also a pivotal time when new artists were beginning to emerge, Nelly released Country Grammar and you heard and saw Fabolous featuring on every R&B song and every mixtape out.

One dude that got swept through the cracks was Bathgate. Representing Harlem, he was known for freestyles and mixtape appearances; a style almost identical to Fabolous. [which it is rumored that Bathgate wrote some tracks for him] His first commercial single “Fuck That” [Bump That, $2.00 to whoever can find out who produced it ha] got decent radio play and video rotation, so what went wrong?
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