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Serius Jones and his rendition of the Rat King

Serius Jones – I Smell A Rat [prod. White Stripes?]
co-starring Panama from ‘The Wire’ and Shampoo (YNVS)
Directed By: Serius Jones & Keith “K-Mart” Martinez.

Download:  Serius Jones – I Smell A Rat [prod. White Stripes?]

Its sucks when you have the stigma of being a battle rapper.  One of the best to do it the new millennium, Serius Jones.  After listening to his latest release, The Serius Bizness Mixtape, we’ve been reassured that Serius is ready to take his spot.  Around this time last year, I found it little weird that he was signed to Ludacris’ DTP. I mean, in all honesty, most labels owned by artists fail.  Add to that DTP, a label that seriously dropped the ball on one of the nastiest females in the game Shawnna, and beast of a dude I-20.

Serius cleared all the rumors about his exit from DTP in April and he’s steady grindin on his independent game.  You can go download Serius Bizness at his website, or right here.  Still not convinced?  Check out another dope track from the tape.

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