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Break Yo SELF FOOL!!!

I can’t make this shit up ladies and gentleman. At an Iraqi press conference on Sunday [our Saturday]  a dude threw, A PAIR of shoes at President Bush. [I wish dude had better aim] Sad part is, is that Bush didn’t even get the gravity of him throwing the shoes at him, “…it’s like going to a political rally and having people yell at you…it’s like driving down the street and have people not gesturing with all five fingers….”

Nah son!!! It’s like spitting in your face and calling your mother a whore. Okay it might not mean just that but it’s one of the worse things you can do to a person in Middle Eastern culture in general. This article has been the best one to really explain the gravity of it.  But I’m sure all ya’ll cats who been rockin them Keffiyehs are well versed in Middle Eastern practices and cultural relations…..

Come to think of it, what’s the worst thing you could do or say to someone in the US? Spitting is up high on the list, scuffin my Pumas without apologizing is top 5. But I think talking about Ya Momma is number 1–ain’t a jury would convict a dude who murdered in retaliation from someone talkin about they Momma…