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Even if you can’t, make sure everyone you know who can vote, gets the fuck up and votes. I’m not going to write a 25 paragraph essay on the importance of voting, I don’t think I can stress how important it is, so please vote; and enjoy Murs, Mos Def, and Wyclef Jean talk about what they would do if they were president.  they all had some really good points, ‘cept Wyclef, son, like why you just perform your song? I don’t think they told him him to…nevermind…check em out and VOTE!

If Mos Def Were President…..

No voting on one day,  a voting weekend BONANZA!! [ha!] Hundred year moratorium on “Drop It Like It’s Hot”, “In Da Club”, “Dippin it low” and “Shawty”???  Fuck it, I’m down.

If Murs Were president…..

To have learned another language fluently?? Hmm, they try to do that with the Regents, but unless you live in California or New York, you don’t get it. Besides, unless you’re a kid genius like me, Spanish and French since the 8th grade won’t work….Besides son, we need to get some more languages, can we get some Hindi and Chinese in public school?? They learning English, we need to flip it…
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